Coming Soon…Key’s Corner

One day I thought to myself:

What if there was an encouraging blogcast (blog + podcast) I could listen to that told me the journey of artists who, like me, strive to make a positive impact on the culture?

In addition, this blogcast would cover topics I’m interested in such as technology trends, new apps, current events and business.–I love business! 

Well, I couldn’t find one so I decided to create it. Enter “Key’s Corner” display!

What should you expect? :

  1. Encouragement:

    • It’s not easy being an artist. Beyond what seems to be glitz and glam there are a number of slammed doors and small wins. I will share the stories of artists who are in this “fight” just like you with the intent to inspire you to keep pushing for your goals. Hey, we all get asked, “When will you get a real job?”
  2. Information:

    • If you think this is where all the business and tech tips fit in, you are correct! I will seek out information that will help you shape and develop a career, not just a hobby.  If you have questions send a message here.
  3. Entertainment:

    • It’s ok to laugh a little! Case closed.


The first episode airs in June! I’m excited and hope you are as well.


  • Join the show or refer an artist I should interview.  Submit your info and leave a brief message here.
  • Questions or suggestions for guests and me can be submitted here, or feel free to comment on posts.

I’m also working on a play called Jaded. Click here for more info.

Until next time,

Niata Key

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