Pray for Houston…and send money.

Houston, TX was dealt a hard blow from Hurricane Harvey.  The dire weather has caused major flooding and damage to communities throughout Houston and surrounding areas. As a result, families have been displaced losing precious memories and the bare necessities (food, water, shelter). It is heart-wrenching to see the families pictured in the media and extremely difficult to sit and watch without lending a helping hand.

I have seen posts saying, “Pray for Houston” and while that is greatly needed, more should be done. I prefer action over being vocal and have chosen not to merely post about the “fires” in our national community, but to be a conduit for repair.

I hope you’ll join me by praying for Houston and sending them money. And if not money, food. If not food, anything you’re able to extend.

I have provided links to legitimate companies such as United Way and Red Cross; however, feel free to share any information and I will add it to the post.

Love you, but God loves you more!

Matthew 25:31-46






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