The Depth of “Why?”

I’ve posted about this word—Facebook and Twitter rants—but it was not until recently that the weight of what it really means hit me. It is the difference between manipulation and love. It is the very scale used by God to weigh our life. What could be so intrinsic to God’s dealing with creation? Well, if you’ve read my fancy title you know the answer is “why.”

If I were to illustrate my point I would say what you do is the tip of the iceberg and why you do it is the heart below the surface.



If only considered for face value, the “what” can be misleading. If I were to treat you to dinner and expensive gifts only for you to reciprocate, the significance of what I’ve done is diminished. On the other hand, if I were to do the same merely as an outward expression of congeniality the impact is strengthened. You may still respond in my favor, but it will likely be due to how my “why” resonated with you.

“Why” is a heart check. It forces you to question the impetus of your behavior. It is the sifter of all actions and the great separator of friend, foe, and phony.

Asking this question also has the ability to realign your focus when distractions and pressure arise, and they will literally and figuratively stand between you and your goal. The opposition will yell and fuss and be petty-whop (demonstrate excessively petty behavior ) just to stomp on your last right nerve. When this happens I want you to ask yourself, “Why?” Not, “Why me, Lord?!,” but “Why am I pursuing this goal?” If your “why” supersedes the obstacles you see straight ahead, if that “why” is settled in the core of who you are and keeps you up at night, keep it at the forefront. Write it on the wall. Stamp that buddy on a T-shirt and wear it! Be relentless in your pursuit of it, and watch the distractions remain. Do not be alarmed; you read the sentence correctly. Your obstacles will remain; nevertheless, you will overcome them. Then more obstacles will show up, and you will overcome them as well. When you possess the tenacity and resolve to push beyond those “distractions,” you will no longer see them as deterrents, but as hurdles. And what do we do to hurdles? We not only jump over those suckers, we top that off with a victory lap as if we weren’t just gasping for dear life. In short: When your “why” is greater than your obstacle your “what” becomes —->by any means necessary.


Remember your “why” and let others show you theirs. Life’s much better that way.

Love you, but God loves you more! 


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