Well hello! It is indeed a pleasure to have you here. I’ll spare you the third person bio and tell you a bit about me.

I believe in and love God. The fingerprint of this faith is in everything I do.

I am an artist (Writer/Director/Actress), and it is my goal to go beyond entertainment and use the stage, video, and television to teach life lessons to people of all ethnicities and ages. Whether learning the joy of healthy living or finding a laugh in the wildest situations, you’ll always leave with a golden nugget to live by.  For more information about my plays or productions follow @Nkeyproductions on Facebook or Instagram.

My history and profession are in Theatre, Video, and Education.  If you combine those with my love for music and books (Yes, I am a certified bookworm!), you can say my life is a marriage of creativity and scholarship.

Overall, I am a Creative who loves to learn and pass that information on to others.